Tea & Desserts on the Sideboard

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TableScapes Dinners

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As promised in my last post about my Mother’s Day Luncheon, here’s a look at how I set up my sideboard for tea and desserts.

First off, I want to point out an easy way to fit more items on your sideboard/buffet/table when serving or even just for decorating purposes.

I have quite a few of these “dish stacker” metal racks.
By placing them in different areas on your sideboard/buffet/table, you can create more room for both food and dishware.
 Just cover the racks with a placemat, napkin or tablecloth and they are “good to go”. It is best to use something that keeps the dishes underneath easily accessible.
 Okay, onto the desserts!

I used this trifle bowl for …

…the Strawberry Shortcake Trifle.
 By having the compote dishes directly below, it was easy to serve.
These clear plates and the glass cake plate behind held…

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World’s Largest Fabergé Egg Hunt Begins in New York

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Russian Heritage Society

Source: By Joanna Fantozzi – Editor – http://www.thedailymeal.com/

The Fabergé egg hunt features almost 260 egg sculptures created by artists, which will be placed all over New York City, and the first egg was just spotted at Omar’s La Ranita this week

Omar La Ranita
Here is a closeup of the design featured on the Georgina Chapman egg, which is made from decorative glass and Swarovski crystals and is currently being bidon in an online auction.

It’s the world’s largest egg hunt, and players don’t just search for measly old chocolate eggs; they will be hunting all over New York City for almost 260 Fabergé egg sculptures made from precious gemstones, Swarovski crystals, and sculpted by artists and craftsmen.

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Fall Tablescape Decor Inspiration

M&J Blog

Even though Halloween is over, the party is just beginning! If you’re planning a party for this holiday season, here are a few tablescapes that are perfect for fall!

Modern Metallic 

 Thanksgiving tablescape from HGTV

This is an unexpected color palette for fall, but the addition of the metallic pumpkins brings the theme back to autumn. Despite the plethora of pumpkins, the selective colors keep the table from looking too busy.

Dipped Details

Succulent Centerpiece from Style Me Pretty

Small details can take your party from ho hum to HOLY COW! Case in point: the gold-dipped stemware. It’s a simple touch that really elevates the tablescape.

Winter Greens

Decorating with Pumpkins The Daily Basics

You know that rule about not playing with your food? We’re giving you a pass to break it. Use winter cabbage, kale, and pumpkins to create a festive centerpiece that’s almost good enough to eat! Warning: There’s a slight chance that your guests may start chowing down on your beautiful centerpiece thinking…

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Get the Upholstery Work You Expect: 10 Details to Discuss

Ginger Jars

Ginger jar, jars.

Hometown Loving

I’ve been seeing Ginger Jars in the blogosphere lately, and I’m unsure how I feel about them.  Yes, I love the shape, but the blue on white designs aren’t something I’d usually decorate with.






So when I was browsing at my local Salvation Army, I almost passed this gal up:


Sure, its not a traditional looking Ginger Jar.  It may have even come from last months Avon magazine.  I don’t know.  What I do know is it was only $2.25 and I loved the shape.  If I can’t find a place for it as-is, I’ll be adding a coat of spray paint to neutralize it.  What do you all think?

While on the topic of thrifting, I also came across this jar last week:


I know that it hails originally from Chapters, and was for sale around Christmas of 2011.  I know this because I wanted it.  I had even…

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How To Use Antique Chairs

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The Long Table

My sister just inherited some antique Duncan Phyfe Mahogany chairs from our mother (they had originally belonged to our great-grandmother). So, Heather’s first question to me was, “What do I do with them”? This is a typical conundrum that many face — how to incorporate our family’s antique furniture, that has deep sentimental value, into our own spaces? The trick is weaving them into your style so that they feel a part of your home. The tip is to mix them with modern pieces — maybe even updating them with paint or upholstery. All images are from Lonny Magazine.

Above, the antique chairs are painted white, upholstered in a fun stripe and paired with a rustic table. Plus, there are modern and industrial pieces in the room that really contrast the chairs allowing the chairs to stand out even more. Very fun!ant.chair2Above, the kitchen is more modern but the…

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Design Inspiration

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La Chéri Marie

Greetings everyone! Today I want to share an interior design tip that has been making waves lately! The wall sconce 🙂



This lighting fixture is making a big comeback lately…its a space saver if you don’t want a standing lamp as a piece of furniture. It’s also very convenient to get the retractable wall sconces so you can have some late night bedside reading 😉



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