9 Reasons to Pick a Patterned Lampshade

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Is a solid shade blocking your room’s potential? Consider a light fixture dressed more decoratively

Nothing transforms a room like great lighting. And nothing transforms a light fixture like a pretty patterned shade. Add extra sizzle to your lamp and your space — and solve some common design dilemmas — with these tips.

The Future of Backplashes


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Grout is out. Continuous sheets of glass, stone, metal and porcelain are saving cleaning time and offering more looks than ever

Ask a kitchen designer about the future of backsplashes, and the response will be “seamless.”

Seamless materials, that is. High-maintenance surfaces are on their way out, being replaced by continuous, easy-to-clean finishes without joints, grout lines or any other places where grease and grime can collect. And the benefits aren’t just janitorial. When paired with hidden outlets, these new uninterrupted surfaces offer a wealth of design possibilities.

Tea & Desserts on the Sideboard

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TableScapes Dinners

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As promised in my last post about my Mother’s Day Luncheon, here’s a look at how I set up my sideboard for tea and desserts.

First off, I want to point out an easy way to fit more items on your sideboard/buffet/table when serving or even just for decorating purposes.

I have quite a few of these “dish stacker” metal racks.
By placing them in different areas on your sideboard/buffet/table, you can create more room for both food and dishware.
 Just cover the racks with a placemat, napkin or tablecloth and they are “good to go”. It is best to use something that keeps the dishes underneath easily accessible.
 Okay, onto the desserts!

I used this trifle bowl for …

…the Strawberry Shortcake Trifle.
 By having the compote dishes directly below, it was easy to serve.
These clear plates and the glass cake plate behind held…

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Decorating With Antiques: Armoires, the Versatile Beauties


Give any room more character and function with an armoire — this queen of antiques is also a storage workhorse

Houzz contributor Mike Dietrich has been active in the interior design world for 40 plus years. Along with his wife Becky he has designed and built furniture, sewn slipcovers and window treatments, built two houses, and decorated countless more for clients and friends. He is also a retired pastor, and a pretty good cook as well. Because he is passionate about people, he is passionate about hospitality and beauty in the home. He wrote a book on hospitality called Invited Home; Hospitality and the heart of God, that brings all these factors together in a single tome, and provides some pretty good reading in the process. (Shameless plug – it’s available on Amazon!) What could be more fun than providing a beautiful place for friends, family, and even strangers – a home that says you belong…

Built-in closets are a rather newfangled idea. Although they could occasionally be found in colonial America, they didn’t come into common use until after World War II. Nowadays they’re viewed as a basic necessity, like indoor plumbing, and it can be quite a nuisance if you’re in an old house that’s missing them.

But there’s one reason to be thankful that closets weren’t around in centuries past, because their absence gave rise to one of my favorite pieces of furniture: the beloved and marvelous armoire. Not only do armoires provide capacious storage and fantastic versatility, but their design impact is just what’s needed when you want to add some spice and energy to a room.

Decorating 101: How to Start a Decorating Project

World’s Largest Fabergé Egg Hunt Begins in New York

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Russian Heritage Society

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The Fabergé egg hunt features almost 260 egg sculptures created by artists, which will be placed all over New York City, and the first egg was just spotted at Omar’s La Ranita this week

Omar La Ranita
Here is a closeup of the design featured on the Georgina Chapman egg, which is made from decorative glass and Swarovski crystals and is currently being bidon in an online auction.

It’s the world’s largest egg hunt, and players don’t just search for measly old chocolate eggs; they will be hunting all over New York City for almost 260 Fabergé egg sculptures made from precious gemstones, Swarovski crystals, and sculpted by artists and craftsmen.

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Inglenooks – A Warm Tradition

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10 Design Tips Learned from the Worst Advise Ever

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Cool Smoke Detectors

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Smoke detectors have always been a thorn in my side for decor. There are so few options that lend to a room’s appeal. However, I was able to dig up a few that are aesthetically pleasing while still proving effective for safety.

A Pond House in the Arizona Desert

AZ ponds