About Us

Accessorize This*… is a Décor Shopping Service.

No idea what to do or how to do it when you’re decorating your home?  Need to know where to start or what direction to go in?  Guess what?  You are not alone!  Accessorize This… is here to help!access13

Yes, hiring a professional interior designer might get you to your end result faster, but hiring a designer can be costly, and the reality is often it’s their taste, not yours.  But, you worry that you don’t have those decorating skills in your back pocket.

Accessorize This… is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction.  At Accessorize This… our entire team is committed to meeting your expectations.  As a result, we have a high percentage of repeat customers and referrals.

Opportunities to explore with Accessorize This:  Private Consultation, Décor Workshops, Bridal Showers, Antique Outings and Décor Day Trips.

Accessorize This…has the decorating tips, tricks and ideas the professional designers have.  So what are you waiting for, call us today.

*Accessorize This… is a division of Skipping Stars Productions LLC

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