Tea & Desserts on the Sideboard

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As promised in my last post about my Mother’s Day Luncheon, here’s a look at how I set up my sideboard for tea and desserts.

First off, I want to point out an easy way to fit more items on your sideboard/buffet/table when serving or even just for decorating purposes.

I have quite a few of these “dish stacker” metal racks.
By placing them in different areas on your sideboard/buffet/table, you can create more room for both food and dishware.
 Just cover the racks with a placemat, napkin or tablecloth and they are “good to go”. It is best to use something that keeps the dishes underneath easily accessible.
 Okay, onto the desserts!

I used this trifle bowl for …

…the Strawberry Shortcake Trifle.
 By having the compote dishes directly below, it was easy to serve.
These clear plates and the glass cake plate behind held…

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